Motion Picture Development and Production

Rouge focuses on developing original and motivating material. From development to distribution, it is the goal of Rouge to provide its artists with nothing less than the best available resources that will enable them to materialize their visions so that the filmmakers of tomorrow can have their voices heard today.


TV Commercial / Infomercial Productions


Rouge Productions takes the development and presentation of TV commercials and Infomercials to a new level. Rouge strives on manipulating the restraints of the medium into positive factors that can enhance not only the artistic qualities that can be found within, but while also providing a successful marketing tool.




With the intention of opening the world’s eyes to the infinite tales of real life experiences that surpass the imagination and world of fiction, Rouge Productions handles this medium with great seriousness and delicacy. From investigations into the world we live in, to examining the intricacies of production, Rouge explores this genre with no limitations.

International Talent Exchange Agency

Already working with clients that span three continents, Rouge Productions believes that profound new ventures can be accomplished through combining the unique perspectives of individuals from disparate cultures. It is the vision of Rouge to offer the opportunity to passionate filmmakers the chance to create a world of their own, regardless of their background and heritage, and present that new world to an international audience.


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